Thoughts on Gold

Thoughts on Gold

Thoughts on Gold July 9, 2019

Well today it looks like there is confirmation! It is time to go head invest in Gold. Most people read the chart and put a price of $1380 as the breakout, but I am a bit more conservative and wanted it to break and hold above $1400 as I see $1400USD as a psychological resistances point. It broke through earlier, but it still needed to come back and test which it did today.

The reason I am writing about Gold on my real estate blog is the idea of safety and inflation. There is a lot of money in the system. There is massive national debt throughout the world, which is why I feel interest rate will remain low and may ever drop more. All the nations that have borrowed to stimulate their economies or pay for budgets need to borrow more when the notes come due. Best to borrow at lower interest rates since they are not able to pay it off.

IMHO, the way out of national debt is inflation, paying off debt with cheaper currency (dollars). As currencies around the world start to become unstable, money will flow to more stable currencies such as USD and gold.

Gold has broken out, which could very well mean inflation could take off as a multiplier in the not to far off future. An international investor should consider buying USA properties for both safety in currency and for upside if/when X inflation comes about in the US market.

This is my humble personal opinion and not to be construed as financial advice.

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