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So You're Thinking Of Selling?

I may have a buyer waiting in the wings! Besides simply selling your property, my Team will also be happy to discusses the right 1031 exchange processes, give possibly new ideas to your CPA regarding the changes in the of business sales tax law, Opportunity Zones and DST's. My team will endeavor to sell your property in a timely fashion.  This may be done by using pictures, perhaps 3D walk through, videos, all put togenther and then a marketing campaign all in a highly professional manner at the right price. Depending on what you are looking for, we have programs where you can list Off-Market and pay a very nominal fee. There are different programs depending on your needs and timeline of the sale.

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Are you considering selling your commercial real estate? Please contact me with the location and tell me about your property.  I will provide you with a complimentary summary of my thoughts and discuss with you both pricing and marketing.  

An Auction, an alternative way to value

Auctions an alternative to Listing

When wearing my Buyer’s Broker’s hat, I am looking for both on and off market opportunities. for my clients. Auctions are a good place to scout out opportunities for my EBA clientele. I personally like to make offers on behalf of my clients before the property ever goes to auction, whenever this is possible.

Which brings me to those wishing to sell their property. My team can represent you in multiple ways. First, since you are on this site, you know you should come to me before listing your property and why. Because I may have a EBA Client, who pays me, looking for your type of property. You do not need to spend money on a listing Broker, saving you both time and netting you more. Full disclosure, I may ask for a reduction of the full price so my client’s net costs are the same, or a little better, than what you would have netted after paying a listing Broker, but with you still netting more. Fair to everyone and in this way you and my client both win on price and time.

What if I do not have an existing client ready to buy your property or business? My team will be happy to discuss listing your property as your listing broker just like those wanting to represent a property. Or you can list your property with us under an Auction campaign – which includes a video campaign. With this kind of listing we set both a reserve price and opening bid price for your property. Banks and other lending institutions have been doing this for years. Now it is your turn. Besides offering these services to banks and other lending institutions, I can now offer Auctioning to you. This brings more eyes on your property and offers.

Here is how it works. Similar commission structure to hiring a listing broker, but there can be up front cost depending circumstances. There will be a video and a package developed with numbers as well as a Pre-inspection report. The Video Marketing is one of the keys and we use the highest quality production. I like to use and recommend Aerial Canvas because of their quality and ability to put together a marketing video that offers more than just someone taking pictures or walking around with a camera.  Please see an example of their fine work.  They also do residental properties and I would recomend contacting Robert directly at 650 381-1125 if you want to discuss what they can do regarding residental properties. 

Here are your choices which all start by contacting me before you put your property on the market.

   Do not waste time and find out if your property is already sold. I may have a qualified screened buyer ready to give you full price for your property and/or business. They pay me and you net more.

   My team or another Brokerage firm can represent and list your property. Pick someone you are comforted with and you believe will bring you the best price. If you choose another to list your property, that okay. But you or your broker should still should contact me first. If the property is right I will still show it to my EBA clients and your broker can simply pays me rather than my EBA client.

   Auction listing. More involved and gets far more eyes on the property than a regular listing. However, this could cost you some money up front and there is full disclosure. NDA are sent to those interested ahead of time.

I look forward to with you hearing from you in the near future, be that you respresent a Bank, lending institution or now individual or corporations directly.

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