International Clients

International Clients

How can a non-American Citizen, who continues to live in their native Country, invest in United States of America ((USA)) properties/assets, have those properties managed with income, protection, growth with the assistance and guidance of a vested professional? 


The answer is to have a partner/employee whose vested interest is in the success of an American Corporation that you and/or your friend’s control.   This corporation would focus on investing in quality real estate with positive cash flow.  


              A few things I can help you with:


1.        Make sure funds go through the right banks, trusts or other institutions to convert your currency into USD’s and move funds into a USA corporation you control.

2.       Create a USA Corporation (C-Corp, with stock) where funds are sent. This corporation will have a board of directors, which you and a few others you trust sit and control.   

3.       Find and buy properties on behalf of the Corporation to create cash flow and long- term protection.   

4.       Keep the properties managed and in good repair for long term appreciation and cash flow.  

5.       Create distribution in the form of stock dividends.

6.       Make sure the corporation as well as the holdings of the corporation pay all necessary property, corporate and income fees and taxes.


I personally will be a minor shareholder of the corporation as well as the face and of the corporation in the beginning. I answer to the Board of Directors controlled by you. You answer to the majority of the shareholders which again is you, or trust.  You may let me go or replace me with another at any time.   There is a full breakdown of this USA opportunity, my contributions and compensation, if you are interested in investing in the USA.

Look forward to discussing in depth, 

Robert Anderson

Buyers Broker  

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