It's my pleasure to welcome you to my website, where you can use a variety of resources to find available listed properties, and learn more about the commercial real estate process my team and I offer exclusively to our client. My background brings a unique prospective a way of doing business bringing a high level of expertise to the table as an experienced professional regarding investments. Having owned and still owning investment properties helps, but I've also owned and built businesses, been a partner in developments and businesses that sold for multi-millions of USD, sat on boards of public companies and help with some to change their management and final the sell of the corpertation to another synergizing both companies. I was hired as a consultant and sent to China to negotiate on behalf of national companies, lived and worked in Central America and been negotiating real estate and business deals for 30+ years. Retiring at 51 was a mistake, as I found I prefer working, especially with solving problems for business people looking outside the box to give differencial advantage we all seek. This is way I now find and sometimes negotiate commercial investment properties for my clientele in unique ways. It’s exciting that you're here, and look forward showing you the differences my services make, be that your a first commercial property/business investment or your adding to a multi-billion dollar portfolio.

As your representative, my team and I will work tirelessly to find and help you purchase the right commercial property opportunities that other investors may never get a chance to bid on. I'll make sure, after we find the right property(s) that they are move through the transaction process to successful transfer and closing.

Looking to sell? I may have a buyer waiting in the wings! My Team will be also be happy to discusses the right 1031 exchange and give possibly new ideas to your CPA regarding the changes in the of business sales tax law, Opportunity Zones and DST's. My team will endeavor to sell your property in a timely fashion, all in a highly professional manner at the right price. We even have programs where you can list Off Market and pay a very nominal fee. There are different programs depending on your needs and timeliness of the sale.

If you're a buyer looking for real estate opportunities in California or anywhere in the USA, talk to me. If I or one of my Teammates can't help you directly, I have a network of quality commercial brokers in 47 of the 50 State in the USA. This website's free tools are at your disposal. Use property search to find the listed properties you're interested in, then save them to your custom searches on your Buyer's Dashboard. When you come back, all of your properties will be where you left them! After searching listed properties you might want to consider one of the Exclusive Buyer's Representative (EBR) programs, sending my team and I out looking for right properties opportunities that are not listed.

If you'd like to get hold of me directly, feel free to use the form below to send me your contact information. I will help you with your commercial real estate needs. If I can not help I will be happy to point you in the right direction or introduce you to someone else that is better suited for your needs. Thanks for learning more about me, and I hope we'll speak soon!