Off Market Negotiations Overview

My team and I specialize in finding commercial and industrial properties as well as businesses with property, 80% not ever listed as they are off-market opportunities, for investors in the $2,000,000 and $28,000,000 range. Our Focus is the California market, but with the BHHS network of licensed affiliates throughout the USA, all areas are covered.  As your Berkshire Hathaway HS Broker/Agent Team we can discretely contact and either introduce you to or make offers on your behalf, for Off-Market properties. In addition, my Team sets up watch lists, given your parameters, for newly listed properties that fit your needs.  If bringing in and/or exchanging currancies, my team can help introduce you to those who can safety convert your foreign funds to USD, transfer and keep them safe and put them within one of Berkshire Hathaway Escrow companies so as to transfer ownership of your new investment(s) to you or your companies, in house. If you’re looking for opportunities from existing businesses to grow to long-term triple net income properties, apartment complexes to industrial properties, my team can discretely arrange for their purchase.  Find out more by browsing the website or contact me directly,  Robert Anderson, at Click on the link below to narrow down what you want and  find out more about different compensation agreements to choice from.